Form I-130

Form I-130 is the key form that starts
the family-based green card process,
and sets the tone for the entire journey.

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An applicant’s eligibility for a family-based green card has three pillars:


Proof that the sponsor is a U.S. citizen or a green card holder.


Proof that the applicant’s circumstances (age and marital status) fit a green card category.


Proof that the family relationship was established in a way that meets U.S. immigration agencies criteria.


How long it takes for each step of the green card process depends on the path of the application.  Think about driving from city A to city B on a highway or on a small road with a lot of traffic jams.

Then different applicants are placed in different lanes depending on where the green card category they apply for and where they were born.  The spouse of a U.S. citizen will not be slowed by annual numerical limits while the sister of a U.S. citizens who was born in Mexico will have to wait decades.

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Immigration Planner uses technology to inspect years of data and provide different timeline estimates for different applicants. The proprietary mathematical models we use are tailored to the applicant’s circumstances.

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