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Supporting documents are key to prove that the family relationship between applicant and sponsor meets U.S. immigration agencies criteria.

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A green card application is about more than forms. Supporting documents, from birth certificates to marriage licenses and proof of common residence, are used by U.S. immigration agencies to check whether what is said in the I-130 form is true.


The U.S. government instructions cover all the possible family links (spouse, child, parent, sibling) and relationship scenarios (biological, step, adopted, legitimized, etc.), which makes it hard to understand what is applicable to the applicant’s and sponsor’s specific circumstances. A missing document triggers a ‘request for evidence’ from the U.S. government, which delays getting the green card. 


Our dynamic instant filtering technology displays only what applies to the applicant’s and sponsor’s circumstances.  If you change your answers and thus your specific situation, the list of supporting documents changes.

We automatically provide the list of key checks that will be performed by U.S. government agencies, so that you can make sure everything is in order before filing. 

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