Arrest (consequence of an arrest on family-based immigration)


U.S. immigration agencies would want to know if the applicant has had prior arrests, which depending on the nature could mean the applicant is inadmissible.

In many instances, it is not necessary to submit documentation for minor traffic fines and incidents. This is the case if the only penalty was a fine of less than $500 and/or points on your driver’s license. However, documentation is required if alcohol or drugs were involved or if the applicant was arrested.

If the applicant was arrested or charges were filed against the applicant, U.S. immigration agencies would want to see records of the outcome (dismissal order, acquittal order, conviction record, sentencing record, evidence the applicant completed the sentence, evidence the arrest/conviction was expunged from the applicant’s record). Even if the applicant was granted clemency (e.g. amnesty, pardon), he or she would have to submit court/prison records.

USCIS requires either an original or a court-certified copy, not photocopies as is usually the case for other documents.