Current (as it relates to dates)


U.S. immigration agencies use the term current in the visa bulletin. Strictly speaking, it means that applications may be filed regardless of the applicant’s priority date. In a table it is designated by a “C” at the intersection of a family-based preference and a country of chargeability.

By extension, it is sometimes said that the priority date of an applicant is current when it is earlier than the filing dateor the final action date. For instance, if…

  • The priority date of an applicant is the 1st of December 2010; and
  • The visa bulletin filing date in the applicant’s preference and country is the 1st of January 2011; then,
  • The applicant’s priority date is earlier than the visa bulletin date; so:
  • The applicant’s priority date is said to be current compared to filing dates.

If the term “current” is used without a specific reference to an official date, then it is probably used in reference to the final action date.