Filling form (general instructions)


A U.S. immigration agencies form can be completed by either neatly writing in black ink or, better yet, typing in your answers. The forms allow you to save information you have already entered on your computer as you go along, so you can finish at a later time or email the form. Our two recommendations:

  • If an item is not applicable, answer the question with “N/A”, which means “not applicable”. For instance, if the sponsor is not a lawful permanent alien, the answer to the question “if you are a lawful permanent resident alien, complete the following:” is “N/A”.
  • If the answer to the question is “None”, state this clearly instead of leaving the answer blank. For instance, if no other name is used, the answer to the question: “Other names used:” is “None”.

In other words, do not use “N/A” when “None” is the answer. It is highly likely that the form will not be accepted as such, as the use of “N/A” is viewed by U.S. immigration agencies as a common ploy to try to conceal relevant information by implying the answer is “none” without actually stating it (and therefore avoiding perjury).