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Permitted Answers

Your answers to certain questions need to match one of the potential values permitted by USCIS:

  • Countries: We have 265 countries or areas of dependence with the State Department’s exact spelling.
  • Port of Entry: There are 388 port of entries. New York, NY is one of them, but Queens, NY is not.
  • U.S. Consulates: There are a 150 consulates abroad that currently host family green card interviews.
  • USCIS Field Offices: There are 90 field offices that currently host adjustment of status interviews.
  • LPR Status: It is only 3 digits, but there are 385 LPR status

USCIS accepted country list

Correct Formats

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Do repeated questions have identical answers across forms?

Replicated Answers Across Forms

Consistent answers

I-130 Sponsor’s Spouse Name

Spouse name in I-130

I-485 Applicant Name

Form i-485 Applicant Name

I-130A Beneficiary Name

Beneficiary name I-130A

I-130A Applicant Name

I-130A Applicant Name


Do questions have answers that contradict each other?

Sensical Answers

We will notify you of any contradictions, such as residence.

Residency Address

Visa Bulletin

We know when you are and when you are not ready to file.

Timeline Logic

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