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Immigration analysis, tools and resources.


Most important immigration terms and phrases in plain English.

Visa Bulletin

Visa Bulletin and green card final action date predictions charts.

Green Card Process

Who will participate, what the steps are, and the steps’ order.

Green Card Fees

What are the fees and their appropriate payment methods?


Important Issues

Changes to F, J, M Visas
Changes for F, J, M Visas

Students and Exchange visitors currently present in the United States under F, J, or M visas are more likely to be subjected to a 3-year...

Green Card Process for Family
Are you eligible for a family I-485?

Family applicants have to overcome 6 major obstacles to successfully adjust status: Geographic Location Legal Entry Green Card Eligibility Green Card Availability Bars to Adjustment...

Are You Admissible?

What makes you 'inadmissible'? Applicants are 'inadmissible' when they have a 'ground of inadmissibility' against them. Grounds of inadmissibility include health, criminal activity, national security,...

Form I-601A
Are You Eligible for an I-601A Waiver

Deal with 3-year and 10-year bars from within the United States. What differentiates the I-601A waiver from other waivers? Please consider the following example: The...


The forms of a family green card application.

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DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) news and analysis.

Travel Ban

Travel ban, court rulings, latest news.


TPS (Temporary Protections Status) news.

TPS Ending
08 01 2018
TPS ending for El Salvador
Nicaragua TPS
07 11 2017
TPS ending for Nicaraguans

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