The DS-260 is an online form used by the Department of State as part of consular processing. It must be completed online using the applicant’s case ID (as username) and the immigrant visa invoice number (as password). Both can be found in the NVC’s welcome letter. This form covers the same themes as form I-130 (which is completed in the initial application phase) but in much greater detail. The information requested:

  • Extensive biographic information about the applicant and his or her family.
  • All the places where the applicant has lived since he or she was 16 years old.
  • Details that will help immigration agencies perform a security background check on the applicant’s arrest record and intentions in the U.S. Some of this information will be about the applicant’s parents and spouse.
  • Applicant’s prior stays/visas in the U.S., including the dates of his or her last five trips.
  • Details about the applicant’s health, which tends to duplicate information provided by the future medical examination.