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The latest version of the I-130 has 413 fields over 12 pages. Plus the need to determine which supporting documents to submit.

U.S. family green cards meet technology

Modern tools

By combining expertise with innovative technology, we help people make better decisions about U.S. family immigration matters and go through the process with less anxiety.

Assistance for family-based green cards

Augmented expertise

Software helps everybody

We partner with immigration lawyers who believe in the value of software to enhance and organize their legal expertise by, for instance, flagging issues in need of attention.

We strive to help non-profit organizations by providing them the tools that only for-profit groups can build.

Who does multiplications using pen and paper?

We are not lawyers

Not government either

We are not associated with any U.S. government entity whether federal, state or local.

London cab drivers need to memorize 25,000 streets. Do you think it is necessary?

Smart digital preparer of family-based U.S. green card applications

Immigration Planner’s goal is to become the leading source of information for those who want to live and work legally in the United States.
Our operating company (Mossettes Technologies) is located at 1875 Connecticut Avenue, 10th Floor, Washington, DC 20009, USA.
At this stage, Immigration Planner is focused exclusively on family-based immigration.

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Support phone: 1 202.594.5351

Immigration knowledge * Software=


Nothing is generic. All is tailored to the applicant’s and sponsor’s circumstances.


Automated checks are always available. And are always up-to-date with the USCIS.


Branch logic generates best available alternatives in real time.


Processing power helps master complexity. See the horizon, but zoom in on the details.