Visa Bulletin Step

Immigration Planner
July 19, 2018
Should I ‘Opt-Out’ Of F1 And Stay In F2B?

Analysis of the 'distance' in the Visa Bulletin for family Green Card applicants under F1 and F2B for Mexico, The...

advancement of the filing date per family preference for most countries
June 28, 2017
Expert’s corner: why ‘filing dates’ of the visa bulletin are not helpful

'Filing dates' are not helpful because 1) they do not indicate that the applicant can file; 2) they are designed...

May 9, 2017
Does the ‘filing date’ of the visa bulletin matter to family green card applicants?

The 'filing date' of the visa bulletin is rarely helpful to family-based green card applicants.

Priority date
May 9, 2017
What is the final action date?

The final action date is when family-based green card applicants who are not immediate relatives can either file their request...