U.S. Immigration Briefing and Visa Bulletin
August 28, 2018
U.S. Immigration Briefing – DACA, F-J-M Overstay, Visa Bulletin

DACA: All eyes on Texas Three different judges from New York, California and the District of Columbia have issued three...

Changes to F, J, M Visas
May 15, 2018
Changes for F, J, M Visas

Students and Exchange visitors currently present in the United States under F, J, or M visas are more likely to...

Green Card Process for Family
May 15, 2018
Are you eligible for a family I-485?

Family applicants have to overcome 6 major obstacles to successfully adjust status: Geographic Location Legal Entry Green Card Eligibility Green...

Form I-601A
May 15, 2018
Are You Eligible for an I-601A Waiver

Deal with 3-year and 10-year bars from within the United States. What differentiates the I-601A waiver from other waivers? Please...

May 15, 2018
Are You Admissible?

What makes you 'inadmissible'? Applicants are 'inadmissible' when they have a 'ground of inadmissibility' against them. Grounds of inadmissibility include...

I-485 Form
August 22, 2017
Time to use the new I-485

After August 25th, 2017, requests to adjust status (form I-485) will be rejected by USCIS unless the latest version of...

advancement of the filing date per family preference for most countries
June 28, 2017
Expert’s corner: why ‘filing dates’ of the visa bulletin are not helpful

'Filing dates' are not helpful because 1) they do not indicate that the applicant can file; 2) they are designed...