National Visa Center (one-year rule)


The National Visa Center may terminate the green card application of any applicant who fails to “respond to notices” within one year:

  • Not paying immigrant visa fees within one year of receiving the welcome letter may lead to termination after one year if the priority date of the applicant is being current when compared to the final action date in the relevant category.
  • Not responding to an interview letter within 12 months similarly will lead to termination.

To avoid termination by the NVC and automatic revocation of the I-130, applicants must make sure that they apply for the green card, and doing so get in touch with the NVC at least once every 12 months.

Once the applicant receives a Notice of Possible Termination of Registration from the NVC, he or she has 12 months to make the case that the failure to apply was for reasons beyond the applicant’s control.