Immigration Planner Green Card Tools

Do it yourself, just not alone.

Family Eligibility
Check to see if you or someone you know is eligible for the U.S. family-based Green Card. 

Green Card Process
Start right, get your dates and cost estimates, and stay informed throughout the process for any changes that might impact your application.

Green Card Application
Complete your Green Card application with out mobile friendly forms, benefit from our checks against latest USCIS requirement, receive personalized instructions and expert help

Waiting Time and Dates
You started your process and would like to know how long you will wait? What has changed? We stay current with latest Visa Bulletin numbers and to help you determine when your ‘Final Action Date’ may become current, we built predictive mathematical models.

Smart Web Forms
Want to correct issues before the government catches them? Complete forms I-130, I-130A and I-485 using your mobile phone. Personalized inline instructions and full support included.

1-on-1 Confidential Review
We will help you review your forms, wavers, documents and evidence. Snap a photo using your phone and upload your form, supporting document or wavers and describe your issue.

News and Analysis
Follow our Facebook page to receive latest immigration news, analysis, time predictions and briefings. Join the discussion in our Facebook group. Stay current with us as your trusted source.

Help Center and Support
We have many resources but if you are pressed for time and need an answer to a complicated question talk to us directly using the Messenger.