UM. USCIS Immigrant fee

Last update: April 22, 2019

It is recommended by USCIS to pay the immigrant fee after applicants pick up (or receive by mail) their immigrant visa from the embassy or consulate abroad and before applicants depart for the United States. The immigrant visa is a temporary green card inserted in the applicant’s passport.

The following information is required:

  • Alien Number (A-Number, the letter “A” followed by 8 or 9 numbers);
  • Department of State (DOS) Case ID (3 letters followed by 9 or 10 numbers).

Go to the following website to pay the $220 fee using one of the following:

  • Credit card;
  • Debit card;
  • Pre-paid debit card (such as a Visa gift card). If you pay with a pre-paid debit card, you may use only one card. The card must have enough money on it to pay for you and any family members;
  • U.S. bank account (also known as an Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment). To pay with a U.S. bank account, you must provide a U.S. checking account number and routing number for your U.S. bank.