Green Card Process: Adjustment of Status for Immediate Relatives

Most immediate relatives of U.S. Citizens are eligible for Adjustment of Status with Concurrent Filing, provided they entered the United States lawfully (no ‘EWI’, or Entry without Inspection). The timing of the filing need also to take into account the ’90-day rule’, which puts additional scrutiny on what Green Card applicants have done within the first 90 days of arriving in the United States.

To illustrate the key steps of this Green Card Process, we are taking screenshots of Immigration Planner’s portal, which provide applicants dynamic planning & date prediction capabilities.

Adjustment of Status with Concurrent Filing

Plan Overview

Our Plan Summary is not only a way to remind Applicant when they are most likely to obtain their Green Card, it is also an encouragement to update their circumstances. The most up-to-date we are as to how far applicants are in the Green Card process, the most accurate the Timeline is.

  • When nothing has been filed, we use today’s date as a starting point of the Timeline (otherwise we use your actual Priority Date).
  • We use the latest I-485 Processing Times to determine the date of the Interview.
  • We use the applicant’s zip code to run it against USCIS database and determine which USCIS Field Office will carry out the Interview.

Adjustment of Status with Concurrent Filing

Filing the Green Card Case

As we all know, Concurrent Filing allows all USCIS forms to be submitted together (the Affidavit of Support as well as the Declaration of Self-Sufficiency are also filed in step not displayed). One of the advantages of working with Immigration Planner’s online tools is to ensure consistency across all Forms. Inconsistent or contradictory answers across Forms is a major source of USCIS-issued ‘Requests for Evidence’ (RFE).

Adjustment of Status with Concurrent Filing

National Benefit Center

The National Benefit Center (NBC) is not only making sure that applicants are ‘interview-ready’, it also delivers Employment Authorization and Advance Parole. In other words, the Processing Times for I-765 are the best indication available to determine how long it takes for the NBC to do its job.
The finger-printing is front-loaded in the process because it allows for background checks, and is taking place quickly because of the numerous places equipped to fingerprint applicants.

Adjustment of Status with Concurrent Filing

Medical Exam

When applicants are submitting their Form I-693 as part of the original concurrent filing, the medical exam needs to have taken place no more than 60 days before filing Form I-485. And then, Form I-693 is valid for two years.
But there is little incentive in doing the medical exam early and it is generally done shortly before the Interview, and the results brought to the Interview.

Adjustment of Status with Concurrent Filing


The date of the interview at a USCIS Field Office is primarily driven by how busy the office is. Immigration Planner is using the applicant’s zip code to determine which USCIS Field Office will handle the interview, and retrieving the Processing Times from USCIS daily.

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