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During our BETA release the complete form I-130 is free.

Form Filling

Our smart forms help you fill the I-130, the key form that starts the family-based green card process, and sets the direction of the entire journey.  We provide help and explanations every step of he way and check your answers against complex U.S. immigration rules.

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Supporting Documents

Supporting documents are  key to prove that the family relationship between applicant and sponsor meets U.S. immigration agencies criteria. The document list can be hundreds of items long, but our instant filtering allows us only display what is relevant to the circumstances of both the applicant and the sponsor.

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Is the applicant on the fastest possible path to a green card? What is the next step? Is the wait we are experiencing normal, or longer than it should be? We provide explanations, date estimates, an extensive knowledge base about all the potential filing sequences of green card applications, and more.

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Action date advancement - 2017

  • FB-1 (all countries)
  • FB-2A (all countries)

Immigration Planner provides a modern journey to a family-based green card.

Eligibility checks

Answer a few questions to determine which family-based green card the applicant should apply for. It takes only a couple minutes to check eligibility against U.S. government rules.

Smart Forms

Instant error checking, suggestions and explanations. Correct issues before U.S. government agencies even find them.


Many applications are delayed because one or more documents is missing. Get a complete list of supporting documents tailored to the situation.

PDF Form

Get a completed I-130 form ready to print, sign and send to U.S. immigration agencies.