What are the U.S. government filing fees for a green card, consular processing?

Applicants who file from outside the United States through consular processing will generally pay $1,210 in fees. (All figures not including medical exam fees, or the potential need for waiver)

The required fees are as follows:

  1. During the initial application, which revolves around form I-130, the sum of $535 needs to be paid to USCIS. The form I-130A have no fees. This fee should be paid by check.
  2. During the detailed application, which revolves around form DS-260, the applicant, or his or her agent will find two invoices at the bottom of the NVC welcome letter:
    • $120 for the affidavit of support fee
    • $325 for the immigrant visa processing
    • A fee associated with the medical exam: these fees should be paid to the doctor (civil surgeon) directly, not to the U.S. government. Fees vary from country to country and doctor to doctor. Fees also vary depending on the tasks that the doctor performs. For instance, if the applicant is re-doing all of his or her vaccinations, the fees will be higher than if he or she has vaccination records.
  3. The first two fees can be paid by check or by card.
    • To have the green card produced, a $230 fee needs to be paid using USCIS ELIS.

Note that when the consular processing is handled at a USCIS international office, additional means of payments might be available.