US Embassy
June 28, 2017
After the I-130 – Consular processing

For applicants going through consular processing, the National Visa Center (NVC) takes over from USCIS.

Medical Exam
May 10, 2017
What should the applicant expect in a family green card medical exam?

As a family-based green card applicant, find an accredited doctor, gather the right documentation, and know what to expect in...

May 10, 2017
Which documents should the applicant bring to a family green card interview?

List of original, updated, and new documents that the applicant should consider bringing to a family-based green card interview.

Immediate Relative
May 10, 2017
What is the difference between adjustment of status and consular processing?

U.S. family-based green card applicants generally favor the adjustment of status process. Some applicants will however find consular processing more...

May 10, 2017
What are the possible filing strategies of the applicant?

Filing strategies for family-based green card applicants based on green card category; country of birth and residence of the applicant...

May 9, 2017
Does the ‘filing date’ of the visa bulletin matter to family green card applicants?

The 'filing date' of the visa bulletin is rarely helpful to family-based green card applicants.

Priority date
May 9, 2017
What is the final action date?

The final action date is when family-based green card applicants who are not immediate relatives can either file their request...